Equalizer Foam Inserts and Saddle Pads

Skito pad shim, along the whole length of the spine to create a gullet
Center shim - for sway-back type horses.
Shoulder shim - for low-withered/ hollowed-shouldered/ narrow-withered type horses
Full length shim, showing extra thickness along the spine (to help create a gullet), and thinner " thickness on rest of pad (to reduce bulk under your leg)
Different outlines of Toklat shim (left) and Skito shim (right)

(Note the Skito shim can also come in single-thicknesses without the shim along the spine)

Relative positioning of different shims, from left to right:
  • center shim
  • full-length shim
  • shoulder shim.
Section through shoulder shim (showing bevelled edge)
Section through center shim (showing bevelled edge)
Section through Toklat insert (note square edges)
The following pads fit both BM SSs and Barefoot saddles.
I would guess they would also fit a Torsion saddle:
New(ish) Toklat Woolback
Oversize barrel racer pad
6+ year old Toklat Woolback pad,
BM SS style
New Skito,
BM SS style
5+ year old Skito,
BM SS style
Detail of how foam inserts fit into velcro-closing pockets in both Skito/Toklat pads.
Different thickness of fleece on the Toklat pads, depending on wear and usage.

(Note, I don't know if these two pads were the same thickness fleece to start with. The upper pad may be a thicker version).

Toklat also make a "Coolback" pad, which is synthetic. I believe it is not recommended for treeless saddles because of possible heat build up.

Different fleece on Skito pads.

The yellower pad on left is 100% wool (and "silkier"), while the whiter, bobblier one on the right is 50% wool/50% man made fleece.

Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent pad (for use under your normal pad, to reduce heat, drain off sweat, and to stop you having to wash your pads every time you ride. This pad keeps the grunge off your upper saddle pad)
Detail of DM pad material.

The looser-weave (softer) side  goes against the horse.